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Untamed Landscapes

I favour untamed landscapes , wild unpopulated places, being key. These may be hills, valleys, river banks, or wind-scoured high limestone escarpments and wild remote moorland (in Derbyshire for example) or the the age old ridgeways of the South Downs. Nothing pleases me more than an old pathway or forgotten roadway, such as walking a priest's pathway some years ago in Dorset. These are the places where one can find time to think or find a sense of spiritual calm or conversely joyful delight. I try to convey these feelings through mark making, selecting a particular view or section of landscape. Some marks are almost vestigial and sometimes arrive by happy accident, some are more deliberate.

I'll make initial sketches outdoors using watercolour and soluble drawing media such as graphite, conte pencil, pastel or watersoluble Caran d'Ache crayons. These sketchbook studies may be finished in their own right or used as inspiration for a more highly worked piece back in the studio.

I've shown some photos of finished pieces in my Landscapes gallery

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