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Life Studies

Life drawing is all important to me being where I first started as an artist. Charcoal is my favoured media as the most painterly of the dry media and very responsive. From quick five second to one minute sketches full of movement and with not a moment to over analyse; to more considered longer poses. The aim is of course, to capture a likeness and critically a sense of the person. This applies equally to 'dressed' poses, as in for instance, sketching people while in a cafe or on a train station platform!! It is a highly personal response, relaying small personal characteristics to translate that person's being onto a 2D piece of paper!! The best life drawing sessions are where there is a non verbal unfettered link to the model. This can be for e g in the cast of the head, how they hold their body as in for eg a dancer, sitting or standing, their gaze as in portraiture, the way their body is made, whether tall and raw boned or petite and delicate. All fascinating material.

They are all original studies, no giclee prints have been made and all are drawn in high grade charcoal on good weight, white cartridge paper.

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