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Progressing the Ideas

This where I am showing initial ideas via drawings, paintings, and sketches and writing thoughts about them, so as to give a window into my working process. I don't know at the start where these ideas may take me, but I do know they are exciting and have potential. It is also critical that ideas be logged as they have a very nasty habit of disappearing. Ask any artist!.

Increasingly I delight in the first few quick marks when drawing or painting. These all important instinctive and/or gestural marks are a progression alongside my fully figurative work; I think they might lead to more semi-abstract work. Semi-abstract meaning a work where there a few figurative clues amongst the abstract to lead the viewer in to their own interpretation of a painting. The essence of a good piece of art is where the onlooker wants to keep on or looking or making return visits.

Image - Derbyshire Summer 2013 Pastel mark making to suggest cliff below wild moorland

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